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Macroeconomist/Monetary Policy Department/Macroeconomic Directorate

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Job description:

We are looking for Macroeconomists

to join our Monetary Policy Department team.

The various global and regional crises of the last several years (Covid, geopolitical tensions, etc.) highlight the importance of having monetary policy frameworks that are better equipped to deal with key risks and uncertainties. The new system being developed at the Central Bank of Armenia, known as the Forecasting and Policy Analysis System (FPAS) Mark II, provides a systematic framework for a risk management and least regrets approach to monetary policymaking that better deals with uncertainty and nonlinearities.

The team is comprised of world-class macroeconomists who are responsible for developing the FPAS Mark II framework, conducting policy-relevant research, developing cutting-edge analytical tools, writing working papers, in addition to current economic analysis and scenario building to support the monetary policy design at the CBA. At the same time we provide a Dynamic Learning Environment (DLE), an intensive, rigorous, and highly collaborative training and learning environment. Instead of overly hierarchical and bureaucratic models, we believe in a collaborative system where economists immerse themselves in thinking critically, learning at lightning speeds, sharing knowledge, and giving and receiving constructive feedback as a habit. The team has an opportunity to learn from and collaborate with the world’s leading economists and policymakers through multiple platforms: daily discussions, weekly seminar series, quarterly workshops, training courses, and so on.

Job responsibilities

As a Macroeconomist, you will be responsible for conducting macroeconomic analysis to support monetary policy and helping develop the FPAS Mark II framework for the Central Bank of Armenia. Key job functions and responsibilities include:

  • Monetary Policy Analysis

    • Current Economic Analysis: Conduct deep, comprehensive, and data-driven macroeconomic and risk analysis of the Armenian and global economy in relation to their historical developments, current situation, and short-term outlook; highlight and describe the underlying factors of current developments.

    • Scenario-Building and Policy Analysis: Construct medium-term macroeconomic scenarios and perform high-quality, coherent policy analysis. Describe risk profiles around scenarios.

    • Communication: Prepare and contribute to the production of high-quality policy and communication documents to a wide variety of audiences, such as policy notes, presentations, monetary policy reports, and other internal and external communication documents.

  • Research and Development: A significant portion of your time would be allocated to personal and professional development objectives. This includes:

    • Conducting high-quality theoretical and empirical economics research in service of the CBA’s broader research agenda

    • Developing world-class knowledge in modern macroeconomic (and, to a lesser extent, microeconomic) theory through participation in the Dynamic Learning Environment, in collaboration with central banking colleagues from leading institutions globally

    • Contributing to the development and implementation of the FPAS Mark II monetary policy framework, including: analytical model development; refining the communications and transparency framework; working with the CBA Board on high-level issues; collaborating with monetary policy thought leaders globally who serve as advisors to the CBA

Required qualifications
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in Economics, Mathematics, or Social Sciences (final-year university students may apply)

  • Robust knowledge of economics and applied economics

  • Strong foundational knowledge in mathematics

  • Proficiency in English

  • Open communication skills

  • High-quality writing skills

  • Critical thinking

  • Multitasking & handling pressure well

  • Innate drive and motivation

  • High sense of personal responsibility and accountability

  • Team player

  • Willingness to make mistakes and fail

  • Intellectual curiosity

Additional information

Application Requirements:

  • Resume/CV

  • Motivation (cover) letter

  • Writing sample (in English)


Please note, that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and notified of the further selection process.

For additional information please call (+37410) 592-592 (ext. 51-14).

People and Corporate Culture Directorate