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If you want to help creative inventors bring their products to market. Give their brand a story, and develop their brand strategy and positioning. And write the copy that touches the hearts of their customers… keep reading!

Our multicultural and international dedicated copy team is behind some of the most successful innovative product launches. With our marketing campaigns generating millions of dollars in just a few months!

And now we’re looking for someone like you to join our team. To help us grow. To create with us. To run dozens of campaigns with us a year. To experiment with us. To learn with us. To be excited about learning about new industries and niches. And to guide us with fresh ideas

Job responsibilities
  • Writing EVERYTHING! — landing pages, long form product pages, E-commerce store pages, emails, press releases, ads, social media, creative scripts, — and all those things you ever wanted to write. (and some that you didn’t… sorry!)
  • Strategizing and constantly thinking of how your words have a cascading impact on the brands you launch.
  • Experimenting. A lot. You have an idea? Try it. And let us know what worked!
  • Researching and an unstoppable drive to be the smartest person in the room when it comes to your product, industry, and audience.
  • Inspiring the entire marketing team with your unequivocal intuition and unexplainable wealth of knowledge — and the occasional “I told you so…”
  • Analyzing data to understand why the f*ck that thing you did worked even when everyone told you it wouldn’t!
  • Learn from $100,000s-worth of courses, workshops, trainings… and yes, they ARE better than that free YouTube video you watched earlier.
  • Use the latest digital marketing tools and hacks… don’t know ‘em? We’ll teach you (at the beginning).
  • Play a foundational role in launching amazing products (and a few not-so-amazing ones)
  • Be part of a team of digital marketing masterminds who are all driven to succeed and will expect you do the same.
Required qualifications
  • You DO need proven experience as a copywriter, preferably with 2+ years of e-commerce experience
  • You DO need to know how emails are functioning, how the funnels are working, and how to build funnel logic
  • You know how to properly manage AI tools to get the best results (we are totally okay with AI — as long as it is used in a smart way)
  • Excellent writing, editing, and proofreading skills… in ENGLISH
  • Attention to detail — but not in that after-thought CV skills keyword-stuffing way. In a I-can’t-help-this way.
  • The ability to find the most obscure details about products or groups of people. And make sense of it.
  • Collaborative mindset to work with some amazing people in other departments.
  • No Armenian required. Our copy team are all native and fluent English speakers, and everyone else on the team speaks in English, as as we work in international markets.
  • US-based will be PLUS.
Additional information

What else will you have if you join us?

  • Health insurance or Gym packages;
  • Paid Day-Offs;
  • Remote Fridays (optional);
  • 1 month work and travel opportunity (during a year);
  • Specialized Library & Paid Online Courses;
  • Personal development plans and semi-annual assessments;
  • Weekly Know-Hows for professional growth;
  • Weekly internal trainings;
  • Teambuilding and outdoor events;
  • Game zone

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Finally, how to join us? 

To apply for this position, join our super energetic, constantly growing team, and become part of our unique ecosystem where all innovations thrive, fill in the Application form.


We appreciate your interest in TCF Armenia, however, only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for the next stages.

In case you have questions, we would be happy to answer them via phone: 044-44-10-50.